Best Time to Go to Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Santa Maria Delle Grazie church in Milan is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

The best time of day to visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie is in the late afternoon or early evening, around 3 pm to 4 pm. 

During this time, you can avoid the rush of visitors and enjoy a more peaceful and immersive experience. 

You can check Santa Maria Delle Grazie operating hours and any special events or occasions happening on the day of your visit.

For a better visit to Santa Maria delle Grazie church, avoiding the busy tourist times of May-June and September-October is advisable. 

The shoulder season of spring and autumn offers fewer crowds and is the best time of the year to visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie for a peaceful experience. 

Those looking for comfortable sightseeing and outdoor activities can visit in months with pleasant weather, like April, May, June, July, September and October. 

If you’re on a budget, consider visiting during the winter months of November to February or August. 

There are fewer tourists during these times, which often results in lower accommodation costs.

For a visit to The Last Supper museum, securing tickets well in advance is important, or you can opt for Last Supper tours that offer access to the painting and other popular sites in Milan.

Enjoy the well-known work of art at its best with the guided tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. It provides an exclusive experience at the best time to visit and escape the crowds.

Regardless of the time you visit, Milan’s cultural heritage and architectural wonders await your exploration.

Let’s consider factors that affect the best time to visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie, such as crowds, budget and weather.


If you are a museum enthusiast, you can plan your visit to Santa Maria Delle Grazie church and other museums in Milan throughout the year. 

For a quieter and more peaceful experience, staying away from the busy tourist times in May-June and September-October is better. 

In these months, museums are usually very crowded with tourists, making it hard to enjoy the exhibits fully.

Choosing other months will allow you to explore the museums leisurely and soak in the city’s rich cultural heritage.


The ideal time to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie church and Milan for sightseeing and outdoor activities is from April to October. 

In these months, the weather is nice, making it perfect for exploring the church’s interior and enjoying outdoor activities in the city.


For budget travelers, the winter months of November to February and August are the best times to visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie church and Milan. 

In these times, there are fewer tourists, which often means lower hotel prices and cheaper flights. 

While the weather may be less inviting during these months, it offers an opportunity to explore Milan without putting a strain on your budget. 

Also, each season in Milan has its unique charm, so you can find enjoyment regardless of the time you visit.

Best Time to Visit The Last Supper Museum

Reserving tickets well in advance is crucial to visit The Last Supper museum at the Refectory of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

Many people want tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mural, The Last Supper. 

They often sell out fast, especially in busy tourist seasons.. 

Planning and reserving tickets several months in advance is advisable to ensure a clear view of this masterpiece.

This will ensure you have a seamless and memorable experience exploring The Last Supper and its fascinating history.

Ultimately, the best time to visit The Last Supper is when you have secured your tickets.

However, if you need tickets at the last minute, you can opt for Last Supper tours that offer access to the painting.

Several tours are available, from one-hour guided tours and skip-the-line tickets to city-wide tours, including visits to other popular sites in Milan.

The city center and Last Supper guided tour is a 3-hour walking tour that allows you to see other popular sights in the area, including the Sforza Castle, Scala Opera House and Milan’s beautiful cathedral.

Tourist Seasons in Milan

Tourist Seasons in Milan
Image: Vladislav Zolotov from Getty Images Pro (Canva)

Considering the peak and low seasons in Milan, you can decide the best time to go to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

High season 

The busy time in Milan is from April through the summer months of May to July, and September, when many families go on vacations.

The designer and fashion weeks are on around this period, increasing the city’s accommodation rate. 

The travel rates shoot up during this time and an ordinary ticket can cost much higher. 

However, this season is best for sightseeing and outdoor adventures in Milan.

Shoulder season

The spring and autumn seasons, ranging from March to early April and October-November, respectively, are the best seasons to enjoy Milan’s mild, pleasant weather. 

It may sometimes be rainy, but one can always compensate for indoor adventures like museum visits, restaurant hopping, etc. 

Hotel stay prices are relatively lower as only a few tourists start going to Milan during these times of the year.

Low season 

The low season in Milan is during August and winter. 

You can avoid visiting Milan during August due to locals taking vacations and closing many shops and attractions. 

Milan’s winter is also a low season with cold and dark weather. 

However, visiting nearby ski resorts for snowy adventures is an opportunity.


How to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie?

Entry to Santa Maria delle Grazie church is free.
However, a paid ticket is required to see Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, which often sells out months in advance. 

If you don’t have a ticket, consider purchasing a tour with the entry ticket to ensure access to the painting.

How long to spend in Santa Maria delle Grazie?

The time spent in Santa Maria delle Grazie depends on your interests. 

If you only want to see the church, allocate around 30 minutes. 

If you focus solely on viewing The Last Supper painting, plan for approximately an hour, including travel time.

For a full tour of the Santa Maria delle Grazie monastic complex, including The Last Supper, allow for about 3 hours.

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