The Santa Maria delle Grazie Refectory

The Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie is an integral part of the monastic complex in Milan, Italy. 

In a separate building next to the church, you’ll find the Refectory, where Leonardo da Vinci’s famous artwork ‘Last Supper’ is kept.

This iconic mural lies on the north wall of the dining room within the Dominican convent. 

You can see the incredible artwork as it was meant to be seen, feeling the impactful portrayal of the biblical event up close. 

However, unlike the church, access to The Refectory and viewing ‘The Last Supper’ requires a booking. 

This skip-the-line access ticket gives a seamless journey inside this legendary masterpiece, allowing you to experience the attraction of the Last Supper in its genuine setting amid the old refectory.

The Last Supper

 A must-see for art enthusiasts, history buffs and spiritual seekers alike, The Last Supper is a captivating mural in The Refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece depicts the poignant moment after Jesus uttered, ‘One of you will betray me,’ capturing the dynamic interaction between Christ and the Apostles. 

Its value is inseparable from the architectural complex that served as its backdrop, making it a truly remarkable and enduring work of art.

Not only popular for its beauty but also its delicate nature, the continuous restoration work that has taken place over the years attracts art enthusiasts to this painting.

Commissioned in 1495 and completed in 1497, this iconic fresco miraculously survived the ravages of World War II and subsequent restorations.

In 1999, it was re-restored to resemble its original state closely. 

This masterpiece holds immense artistic significance and has influenced countless artists throughout history.


When planning to visit The Refectory and see The Last Supper, getting your Last Supper tickets several months in advance is a good idea.

Due to its immense popularity and limited availability, you may be unable to purchase at the ticket office on the day of your visit.

There are various ticket options to choose from when visiting The Refectory.

One of the most popular tickets is the one-hour guided tour, where you learn the interesting history and facts about the famous painting and the site.

There are several other Last Supper guided tours you can choose from

A skip-the-line ticket is also available if you prefer a more flexible visit, as it allows you to enter without a live guide. 

This can be suitable for individuals who prefer to explore at their own pace.

If you wish to explore more of Milan, you can choose a Milan city tour and visit other popular places like the Duomo Cathedral from the outside and the Sforza Castle gardens.

You can also take the combo Duomo and The Last Supper skip-the-line guided tour

This way, you can enjoy entry to both places and see iconic sites like the Sforza Castle and Brera district.

Securing your tickets well in advance is crucial when planning to visit The Refectory to see The Last Supper.

Whether you prefer a guided tour or a skip-the-line experience, various options cater to your preferences and ensure a memorable visit to this extraordinary masterpiece.

Featured Image: Cenacolovinciano.org

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