How to Get to Santa Maria delle Grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Milan that houses Leonardo da Vinci’s famous artwork, The Last Supper. 

It’s located on Corso Magenta in the lively center of the city. 

Accessing this historical gem is made convenient by its central location.

For travelers seeking convenience and accessibility, Santa Maria delle Grazie stands as a beacon of cultural significance. 

Public transport options abound, with economical journey prices allowing visitors to explore the wonders of this historical gem without any hassle. 

A single ticket encompasses both metro services and trams, offering a 90-minute window of exploration at a nominal cost of €2. 

You can immerse yourself in the artistic splendor of Santa Maria delle Grazie with the convenience of stress-free transportation options, making your visit to this enchanting destination truly unforgettable.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Address: Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

With the Last Supper introduction and skip-the-line entry ticket conveniently located in Milan’s city center, set out on an educational, historical adventure.

How to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie by Train 

The Milan metro has five lines: M1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (yellow), M4 (blue), and M5 (lilac), and also includes the Milan Passante railway.

The M1 (red) or M2 (green) metro services provide easy access to the church. 

The closest metro stop to Santa Maria delle Grazie is Conciliazione on the red line, just 450 meters away, approximately a 5-minute walk from the church. 

Another interchange station that serves both the M1 and M2 lines is Cadorna. 

From Cadorna station, it is a slightly longer walk of about 650 meters or an 8-minute stroll to reach Santa Maria delle Grazie.

How to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie by Bus 

Bus is one of the cheapest modes of transport in Milan.

You can take bus line 50 on the M2 line and alight at Cadorna station, a short walk from the church. 

Buses operate regularly, starting as early as 5.30 am and running until 1.40 am, ensuring you can explore the city full day.

Choose the bus for a budget-friendly and efficient journey to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

How to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie by Tram

Tram 16 (Monte Velino – San Siro Stadium) is the nearest stop to the church, S. Maria delle Grazie.

The tram stop right in front of Santa Maria delle Grazie offers a hassle-free and direct way to reach the destination. 

The tram ride operates from 4:30 am to 2:30 am, allowing you to enjoy the city’s sights while swiftly taking you to your destination without requiring extensive walking.

How to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie from nearby locations?

The great location of Santa Maria delle Grazie makes it simple to reach nearby attractions, like the Milan cathedral.

Milan’s efficient public transportation, including buses and trams, makes getting to the Historical Center easy.

Milan Duomo 

If you’re trying to reach Santa Maria delle Grazie from Duomo, it’s about 5.3 km away, which takes around 20 minutes to walk.

For a more convenient option, taking the tram is highly recommended. 

Another option is to take the metro from Duomo to Conciliazione on the red line. 

The journey between Duomo and Conciliazione includes four stops. 

Upon reaching Conciliazione, it is only a 5-minute walk to Santa Maria delle Grazie. Get directions.

Milano Cadorna train station

From Milano Cadorna train station, a mere 8-minute walk will get you to the church’s entrance. 

Alternatively, taking the red line metro from Cadorna to Conciliazione is another swift option. Get directions.

Milano Centrale

If traveling from Milano Centrale, reaching Santa Maria delle Grazie on foot might be quite a trek. 

Thankfully, Milan boasts an excellent public transport network, providing plenty of comfortable options.

From Milano Centrale, you can opt for the green line metro to Cadorna or take the yellow line to the Duomo and switch to the red line towards Conciliazione. Get directions.

Milano Porta Garibaldi

From Milano Garibaldi, the Green Line metro to Cadorna is the most convenient route, taking approximately 10 minutes. 

Alternatively, the number 10 tram via Ariosto 19 prima di via Mascheroni offers a 20-minute ride to the destination.


You have a few transportation options to reach Santa Maria delle Grazie from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP). 

The airport is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from the church, and the trip usually takes 40 minutes by car. 

For directions to Santa Maria Delle Grazie, follow the address: Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123 Milano, MI, Italy.

How to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie using Car?

Driving to Santa Maria delle Grazie is not advisable due to challenges and limited convenience in Milan’s Historical Center. 

The area is known for its dense traffic, narrow streets and limited parking options. 

You can use alternative modes of transportation, such as public transit.

Also, the church is within walking distance from several popular locations in Milan, allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere while strolling.

If you want to drive to Santa Maria delle Grazie, you can use maps or GPS for accurate directions.


How do you get to Santa Maria delle Grazie?

You can choose from various transportation options to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie. The church’s central location in Milan makes it easily accessible. Metro line M1 (red) serves the nearest station, Conciliazione, to the church. 

Tram 16 (Monte Velino – San Siro Stadium) and bus line 50 also serve the area.

Can you walk from Duomo to the Last Supper?

You can walk from Milan Duomo to the Last Supper Museum at Santa Maria delle Grazie. 

The distance between the two locations is approximately 5.3 km, which takes about a 20-minute walk. 

Alternatively, you can take the tram or the metro from Duomo to Conciliazione, a 5-minute walk from Santa Maria delle Grazie.

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