Restaurants near Santa Maria delle Grazie

Close to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan, you’ll find various restaurants to suit various tastes and preferences. 

From charming retro-style eateries to fine dining establishments, these restaurants offer a delightful culinary experience for those exploring the area. 

Whether you’re craving traditional Milanese specialties, classic Italian dishes or delectable desserts, the restaurants near Santa Maria delle Grazie offer various options. 

With their welcoming vibes and tasty menus, these dining places perfectly enhance visiting this famous cultural spot.


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Risoelatte Milan is a charming, retro-style restaurant in the heart of Milan’s Centro Storico. 

With its colorful 1960s decor and authentic furnishings, including plates, cups and glasses from that era, the restaurant exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. 

Specializing in Milanese specialties, pasta, and a variety of wines, Risoelatte offers a simple and genuine culinary experience.

Located near the famous Duomo, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a delicious meal and soak up the ambiance of 1960s Milan. 

Risoelatte Milano menu includes creamy risotto, cutlets and ravioli with desserts like Italian tiramisu and gelato.

Whether dining in or seeking a Sunday outing, Risoelatte promises a delightful and nostalgic journey through Italian cuisine and culture.

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm
Address: Via Manfredo Camperio, 6, 20123 Milano MI, Italy; +39 327 054 7262
Distance: 1.6 km. Get directions.

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Uncover hidden gems, see well-known landmarks, and savor delicious meals at the best restaurants and cozy cafes as you explore.


L’Uccellina is a charming restaurant in Milan that offers a delightful culinary experience focusing on classic Florentine steaks, charcoal-grilled meats and European wines. 

The menu showcases the best of Tuscan tradition and Italian cuisine, featuring dishes prepared with high-quality, seasonal ingredients sourced locally. 

From the famous Florentine steak to pici with wild boar ragout and Venetian liver, each dish reflects the flavors of Italy. 

There’s a wide array of excellent wines from famous Tuscan wineries to enhance the fantastic food.

The restaurant has a warm and welcoming feel with a mix of rustic and elegant elements. 

Wooden beams, wrought iron details, and paintings resembling Tuscan hills combine to create this cozy atmosphere. 

Just a quick 5-minute stroll from the church, it’s a great choice if you want genuine Italian food, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 2.45 pm and 7 pm to 12 am
Address: Corso Magenta, 96, 20123 Milano MI, Italy; +39 02 4800 5531
Distance: 450 meters. Get directions.

Trattoria La Colonna

Trattoria La Colonna
Image: Thefork.com

Trattoria La Colonna is one of the popular restaurants near Santa Maria delle Grazie, serving traditional Milanese dishes for decades.

Right next to S. Maria alla Porta church, the restaurant has a peaceful and welcoming vibe that draws in locals and tourists. 

The menu offers specialties such as the renowned osso buco risotto and delicious smoked tuna carpaccio. 

You can pair these with delightful chilled, dry white wines. 

Trattoria La Colonna has a vintage appeal with two cozy rooms, including one featuring a standout granite column. 

This captures the true spirit of a traditional Milanese trattoria. 

Remember to save room for their delightful homemade desserts.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 12.15 pm to 3 pm and 7 pm to 10.45 pm, Sunday 12 pm to 3 pm (Closed on Monday)
Address: Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 10, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Distance: 1.3 km. Get directions.

Pavé Cafe

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, Pave’ is a must-visit pasticceria known for its delectable desserts. 

The café offers diverse pastries and sweets to satisfy your cravings.

In addition to their tasty treats, Pavé offers excellent coffee and a cozy seating area. 

Pavé is nicely situated near the lively Corso Buenos Aires, giving you a quiet retreat on a side street. It’s a great place to find tranquility during lunch or coffee breaks. 

With few vegan options like the vegan croissant, it is one of the best restaurants near Santa Maria delle Grazie for those craving something sweet.

Despite occasional long lines, Pavé remains popular due to its delicious offerings and affordable prices.

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 4 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: Via Felice Casati 27, 20124 Milano, Italy; +39 02 9439 2259
Distance: 4.9 km. Get directions.

Cafe Le Grazie

Cafe Le Grazie
Image: Maksinwee.com

Located just across the street from Santa Maria delle Grazie, Cafe Le Grazie is a charming casual Italian cafe with a delightful dining experience. 

The warm and welcoming atmosphere creates a relaxed ambiance, making it a perfect spot to take a break or refuel while exploring the area. 

The menu features a variety of Italian dishes, including sandwiches, salads and gelato. 

Guests praise the fresh pastries and delicious coffee the friendly and attentive staff serves. 

The cafe has a cozy and relaxed indoor space, perfect for sipping a cappuccino or treating yourself to their famous tiramisu. 

Hours: Monday to Sunday- 7 am to 8 pm 
Address: Corso Magenta, 69, 20123 Milano MI, Italy; +39 02 4801 1458
Distance: 1 km. Get directions.

Casa Lodi

Casa Lodi
Image: Maksinwee.com

A cozy Milanese restaurant renowned for serving local dishes such as pasta and meat offers a selection of wines.

Casa Lodi, founded during “Expo 2015,” captures the essence of Lodi with a mix of traditional and modern dishes. They use top-notch ingredients from the local hills. 

Whether dining in or opting for their efficient delivery service, Casa Lodi provides a convivial atmosphere where guests can enjoy the flavors of their cuisine.

Located near iconic landmarks, Casa Lodi is easily accessible by public transport or car. 

You can expect a warm and rustic ambiance, friendly staff and delightful dishes like risotto, tortellini and chicken with yogurt sauce. 

The restaurant also offers a selection of local wines and delectable desserts. 

Even a power outage couldn’t dampen the enjoyable dining experience at Casa Lodi, making it a hidden gem worth discovering in Milan.

Hours: Monday – 11.30 am to 3 pm, Tuesday – 11.30 am to 9 pm, Wednesday to Sunday – 11.30 am to 10.30 pm
Address: Via Cappellari, 3, 20123 Milano MI, Italy; +39 344 026 0455
Distance: 5.2 km. Get directions.

Galleria Restaurant

Located within the prestigious Galleria Meravigli, the Galleria Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience in a Liberty-style setting. 

The restaurant strives for a fresh and natural feel, with green plants and flowers that match the urban surroundings. 

Galleria Restaurant caters to different preferences, from breakfast with various coffee blends and delectable pastries to a light and tasty lunch. 

Their menu includes fresh and delicate choices that cater to all tastes, making it a top spot near Santa Maria delle Grazie for a satisfying lunch.

Tea lovers can indulge in organic teas and infusions served in hand-decorated teapots, providing a sensory experience of colors and flavors.

The Cocktail Bar offers unique cocktails and an exclusive selection of wines and spirits, allowing you to relax in a green and artistic oasis within the gallery.

Hour: Monday to Friday – 10 am to 11 pm, Saturday and Sunday – closed
Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 75, 20121 Milano MI, Italy; +39 02 8646 4912
Distance: 4 km. Get directions.

Da Regina 1985

Da Regina 1985
Image: Gluto.it

Da Regina 1985 is a long-standing restaurant in Milan known for its Neapolitan-style pizza and southwestern specialties. 

Located in the city’s heart, this fine dining establishment offers a sleek and inviting space to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine at reasonable prices. 

Their interior design is charming, with an old-fashioned yet cozy ambiance that lends itself well to intimate gatherings, and outdoor seating is also available. 

The menu features classic Italian dishes such as Cesar salad, filet Mignon, tagliatelle Bolognese, spaghetti carbonara and their signature pizza Brontese topped with pistachios. 

With its convenient location near the Duomo, Da Regina 1985 is an ideal choice for tourists looking to savor authentic Italian flavors after a day of exploring. 

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11 pm
Address: Town House Galleria, Via Silvio Pellico, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy; +39 02 3658 4500 
Distance: 3.9 km. Get directions.

Camparino in Galleria

Camparino in Galleria
Image: Flawless.life

Nestled in the heart of Milan’s iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Camparino is an elegant cafe and bar. 

Its ornate interior and Liberty-style furnishings make it a true Milan institution and an icon of the city’s soul.

Recently renovated, the two-level venue features a terrace offering the best view in Milan, overlooking the square that houses the magnificent Duomo Cathedral. 

One of the oldest restaurants near Santa Maria delle Grazie, Camparino in Galleria, is a piece of Milan’s history, as it is the birthplace of Campari. 

Known for its class, dedication, and excellent cappuccinos, this iconic establishment is a must-visit for those seeking a taste of tradition and innovation in the heart of Milan.

Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9.30 am to 12 am, Sunday – closed
Address: P.za del Duomo, 21, 20121 Milano MI, Italy; +39 02 8646 4435
Distance: 3.9 km. Get directions.

Featured Image: Cavoliamerenda.eu

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